C.Smith – Hair Routine

Hello lovelies. X

I get asked a fair bit from clients, friends and family how I get my hair to look a certain way or what my routine is. My current hair is the lightest it’s been and I’m thinking about keeping it for a while longer. 

Here is a quick photo of my current hair 🙂 as you can see the pink has slowly washed out. 

Having striped hair means you have to look after it a little more than you think. It wasn’t really until this year when my new hairdresser told me how to look after my hair. She was said “Hun, you have blonde hair now. You need to make sure you’re blow drying your hair every time”. As my hair is stripped, my hair strands are actually more porous which means I need to blow dry my hair to keep its structure. Otherwise, it’ll take whatever structure it ends up with when it’s drying. 

Since then I would always make sure I’m blow drying my hair (with a brush as well)! 

That’s my hair maintence! What about colour? Great question! Loads of products. 

When washing my hair Ive been using the below three products for months now. 

Fanola does an amazing job removing yellow hues from my hair. I start cleaning my hair first with any shampoo and make sure I scrub clean the scrap. This removes any dirt or oil build up. I do this as I only wash my hair two times a week. Once this is complete, that’s when I use fanola. Fanola is quite pigmented which can stain white tiles if you’re not careful. When I was at my in laws, unfortunately I wasn’t careful which left their grout blue. It took a lot of elbow grease to lift it so now I generally make sure I do my bathroom cleaning right after my shower. 

I keep fanola on for at least 5 mins if I’m short on time but ideally at least 15 mins. During this time I start cleaning the vanity and the bath tub. Haha! Killing two birds with one stone. Once that’s done, I start the conditioning. 

For conditioning, I make sure that I always use a deep repair conditioner. As I’m only washing my hair twice a week but I style it everyday – I need to ensure I put treatment in my head as much as possible. 

Macadamia Natutal Oil is the best for this. I’ve tried other treatment but it doesn’t give me healthy hair as macadamia does. I keep this bad boy in for at least 30 mins. 

The final stage is toner. As I have a olive skin tone, having yellow hues in my hair is a no no for me. So I make sure I’m toning my hair once a week. I’ve previous used other chemist brought toners but John Frieda is by far the one with the best results. Similar to the Fanola, I leave it in for at least 15 mins. 

Once you’re done, rinse the toner out 🙂 blow dry immediately! And you are good to go. X

Until next time




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