C.Smith: Pink Hair 

Hello lovelies! 

I’ve always like doing new and exciting things to my hair. It was quite difficult for me to get much done to my hair previously because it was too thick and dark that one or two stripping session still only resulted in a few changes. Due to this I just kind of gave up when I hit 21 and just decided to use box hair dye instead. The results were always noticeable but at least I wasn’t spending 200+ for no change haha 

Here is my hair during the box dying stages (I had it for my wedding :)) 

I’ll do a post about my wedding soon 😘

As you can see it was a red brown but not a strong colour. This all changed when after the wedding! Amazing and talented hair dressers were popping up on Instagram. Ms D linked my  to Amaya specialised in ombré. My hair was lifted in one go so I was so exicted haha! 

So recently I decided to go pink!! I love every bit of it! Only probably is that it aash out fast. 😦 but it’s still amazing. Can’t wait to do something crazy again. 




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