C.Smith: Food Venture

I eat eat and eat! Food of 2018 so far. X


C.Smith: Finding the Green Thumb

Hello lovelies. X Hope you're all enjoying 2018! Xoxo This year as the home renovation slowly calms down, the hubby and I wanted to start growing plants and herbs out the front. We previously tried potted herbs in the kitchen however it didn't go down so well! There wasn't enough light coming through the kitchen … Continue reading C.Smith: Finding the Green Thumb

C.Smith: City2Surf 2017

​​​Hello lovelies x  Quick post on the city2surf. Work decided to part take in the city to surf however only the girls ended up doing this. Below are the photos I managed to take without sweating my butt off 🙂  ​​enjoy Xx  ​ Until next time. X C.Smith